Economic Development

Working for a prosperous McKinney

To maintain our thriving economy, Frederick Frazier will work closely with business leaders to attract quality commerce that complement our small town atmosphere and provide well-paying jobs for working families. This approach will deliver economic stability while drawing new business tax revenue to reduce the burden on homeowners that currently fund much of the city’s budget.

Public Safety

A proven leader for law-and-order

With his 23-year career as a decorated police officer, Frederick is the only candidate with the frontline experience needed to protect our families from violent crime. His goal is to keep McKinney one of the safest towns in America by providing well- trained and adequately compensated first responders who can help keep away big city crime problems.


Solutions for traffic relief

As a husband and father, Frederick understands the importance of spending more time with family instead of stuck in traffic. As our community continues its fast growth, he will look for efficient and innovative ways to address our congested roadways and make sure our aging streets are well maintained with fewer potholes.

City Government Transparency

Champion for McKinney taxpayers

While Frederick is known for his work to protect families as a law enforcement officer, he will be equally diligent when it comes to protecting taxpayers from government inefficiency. He will make sure City Hall continues to focus its efforts on the basic city services that make the biggest impact in our daily lives – that means quality streets, strong police and fire, and vibrant parks.